My name is Aivi, and I'm a music composer and pianist. I love stringing notes together to create worlds in which lovely and whimsical stories can happen. I'm currently composing for the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe (as aivi & surasshu) and the indie games Cryamore and Soul Saga. I also entertain my fans on YouTube and teach piano.

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+ Steven Universe, as aivi & surasshu (Composer/Arranger; TV Series, 2013-present)
+ The Black Box, as aivi & surasshu (Composer/Arranger; Album, 2013)
+ Cryamore (Composer; Game, in progress)
+ Soul Saga (Composer; Game, in progress)
+ Breeze in the Clouds (Composer; Game, in progress)


+ "Nebulosa" for Super Ubie Land, as aivi & surasshu (2013)
+ "The Emerald Sea" for Anodyne Remix Album, as aivi & surasshu (2013)
+ "Come Back" for FZ: Side Z, as aivi & surasshu (2013)
+ "Midnight Stroll" for Noisechan & Nugget: Adventures in Chiptunes, as aivi & surasshu (2013)
+ "Dreams of Home" for OverClocked Remix (2013)
+ "The Girl in the Nebula" for Preschtale Variations (2013)
+ "ShostakoV-Kick" for Break Blocks (2012)
+ "Thena" and "Duke Moirai" for A'deo Chronicle (2012)
+ "The Jazzy Prince" for 1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum (2012)
+ "Mink Car" for Mink Car Cover (2011)


+ WTF: The Music of Waldo, Tran, and Front (2008)
+ Work selected for Sonic Bloom, new music festival in California (2008)


+ Olga Brose Valencia Prize for Excellence in Musical Composition (2008)


+ RPGFan: Rhythm Encounter, Episode 8: An Evening with Aivi (2013)
+ Kotaku: Acoustic Piano Meets Chiptunes, And It's Freakin' Lovely (2013)
+ Videogame DJ: aivi & surasshu | The Black Box (2013)
+ Hi-Hi-Whoopee: Aivi & Surasshu // The Black Box (2013)
+ Urban Guitar SAYONARA: aivi & surasshu The Black Box UBI060] (2013)
+ Destructoid: The Black Box: When chiptunes and piano collide (2013)
+ Audio Files: Aivi Tran and RPG Cryamore (2013)
+ Featured in Computer Music magazine: September 2012 issue (2012)
+ The Multi-Purpose Video Game Music Blog: Interview: Composer and Pianist Aivi Tran (2011)